Are you tired of testing your skills on a training dummy? You think you are the best at your class? Well let’s put this to a test, a Proving Ground test.

Set within the Temple of the White Tiger, the Proving Grounds will await players in patch 5.4 to test their skills and abilities in a safe, controlled environment. You will have to choose your role such as tank/dps/healer and once decided you’ll have to face waves of enemies.


There will be four different modes: Bronze, Silver. Gold and Endless. In the last mode you will have to survive  as long as you can while waves become harder and harder. The longer you survive the higher you’ll score.

World of Warcraft is also preparing for the arrival of patch 5.4 with tons of updates and new features like in-game cash shopsflexible raidsarena updates and world bosses. Read more about it on the official page.

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