World Of Tanks Rush

Virtual card and board games are turning more popular day by day. Like World of Warcraft set an example of how a successful MMORPG should be made, in 2013, HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft is doing the same thing with card and board games. I don’t say they invented the genre, but they turned our attention to this type of battle games.

A new board game is under development. Yesterday, Wargaming announced their new title, World of Tanks: Rush, a board game for World of Tanks fans from all over the world. The game is created based on the World of Tanks MMO and the development team includes the same artist and designers that worked for WoT.

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In World of Tanks: Rush you are given the role of a tank squad commander, and you lead your tanks into battle, defend your bases, call for reinforcements, and receive medals. The main idea of the game, which uses simple deck-building principles, is to strategically select cards from the hundreds available to form a strong squad. The goal of the game is to earn more medals than everybody else.

The game will be revealed during Igrokon 2013 on 14 and 15 September. Visitor will have the opportunity to play the game, talk with developers and even get the first copies of the game. A detailed schedule of the festival will be published in the near future.

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