WolfKnights Online s1

Earlier this year, the Korean studio IMC Games announced their future MMORPG, WolfKnights Online (also known as Project G2). Beside the project name and some good looking screenshots released by Kim Hakkkyu who is well known for developing Ragnarok Online and Grando Espada, there wasn’t any info related to the game features.

On 1st November, IMC Games had finally launched the official website for Wolfknights Online. The website contains some details about the game background and features, and the first 5 classes announced: Defender (Sword and Shield), Fire Mage (Two-handed Staff), Templar (Mace and Shield), Musketeer (Gun) and Gladiator (Dual Swords).

WolfKnights Online Fire Mage

Although the game screenshots looks impressive (as all Korean MMOs do) the system requirements for WolfKnights Online are quite decent.

Minimum System Requirements: CPU: Intel Dual Core or higher, RAM: 2GB, Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce 9600GT or higher, Hard: 5GB or more and DirectX 9.0C

Recommended System Requirements: CPU: Inel Core i5 or higher, RAM: 4GB or more, Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce GTS450 or higher, Hard: 5GB or more and DirectX 9.0C

Another interesting thing is their Register Account approach. If you go to the “Create Account” panel you will see three different options: Registration for Korean, Registration for Foreigners residing in Korea and Registration for Foreigners residing outside Korea. So, maybe we will have the opportunity to join a Closed or Open Beta Test.

If you didn’t saw the released screenshots and artworks take a look at WolfKnights Online album on our facebook page.

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