WildStar Open Beta

The long awaited moment has finally come as Carbine Studios recently announced that the Open Beta phase for WildStar will be starting on May 8, 2014.

From May 8 until May 18, 2014 new players will be able to obtain a key from the Open Beta page, and then hop right into the action. During this Open Beta phase you will be able to experience the content up to level 30. Players that participated in any other WildStar beta events such as beta weekends or stress tests don’t need to redeem a new key. All they have to do is patch up to the latest version.

On your way to level 30 you may expect several new features such as Galeras Adventure – a tower defense type of map where you and four friends will fight against an invading force sent by the opposing faction to hold the fort before the arriving reinforcements, Two New Abilities that will be unlocked for your class at level 30, One New Ability Slot and Tier Points.

To kick off the Open Beta, Carbine will also host a 30 minute LiveStream on Twitch on Thursday, May 8th at 11:00 a.m. PST. If you want to learn more about WildStar, visit the official site.

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