War Thunder One Year

Gajin Entertainment recently announced that their next-gem combat MMO, War Thunder, is celebrating two milestones: One year since the Open Beta for War Thunder has been cleared for takeoff in Russia, with the international launch following in January and 5 Million players  milestone.

To celebrate this moment, from November 3st to November 4th there will be a special 50% discount for D.520, He.112B-1, P-51D-30, Fw.190D-12, La-7, A6M5. The second event called Golden Battles will take place on November 3rd and 10th and gives all players the chance to improve their balance and get a unique decal to decorate their planes.

War Thunder is currently in Open Beta on PC, in development for Mac OS and Oculus Rift and will be a PlayStation4 launch title. To learn more about the game check War Thunder official site.

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