Venus Rising Adult MMO

Foxysoft Studio announced that their latest adult MMO, Venus Rising, has entered the Alpha Phase. Originally known as Orgia Romanus, the game promised to bring some intimate and sexy gameplay mechanics. The game is set to release in Q4 of 2014.

“We have maintained a close relationship with our early adopters and are so happy to be able to offer them alpha access to the game” says, Alex Allen Founder & CEO of Foxysoft. “We are relying on our users to really dive in and tell us what they want from the game experience for the beta release in Q4.”

The action in Venus Rising takes place in the ancient Rome and will offer players an adult oriented gameplay. The game will have 3 classes and paths that you can follow: Soldiers who follow the warrior’s path, Politicians which will shape the world, and Merchants that will raise incredible fortunes. Beside these three major classes that have unique skill sets, secondary abilities will be available based on your origin.

Venus Rising Adult MMO

Venus Rising will have different PvP battles where players will join legions to battle the barbarians, defend the Venusians from the rapture of the gods or join the gods in the defiling of Venusia, while fighting others who take an opposite stance.

The game will also feature three quest paths, each with its own quest line that will guide players through their levels, and even player generated quests. The economy will be based on crafting and you will find some sandbox elements as building your own roman style house or group with others to create a town filled with taverns, armories, boutiques and pharmacies.

Venus Rising Adult MMO

Beside the traditional features that we are used with, Venus Rising will also bring adult content where players can experience sexual encounters with other players or NPCs.

Alpha keys are available for $5 per month, $10 for 3 months or $100 for a lifetime subscription here. To learn more about Venus Rising visit the official website.

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