Aion is based on the classical MMO, but brings to the table some unique features. The game combines PvP and PvE in a new concept, called PvPvE and follows the war of two factions (elyos and asmodians) in a fantasy game environment.

There are four primary classes that will evolve at level 10 into eight specialized classes (the latest update brought two new classes: Bard and Gunner). Aion follows the traditional questing and grinding path mixed with dungeons and PvP zones featuring a skill-chain combat system (many of the skills that you acquire during your epic adventure may be performed in a certain order or chain).

Aion had one of the best crafting system based on a mix of hard work (gathering and hunting for materials) and luck. You need to craft items and they can make the difference in battles.

If you like the traditional MMOs based on faction wars and you have some time to invest (neither casual nor hardcore game) then Aion awaits you.



If you are looking for an action combat MMORPG, then Tera Rising may be the one.  Tera has all the typical features from our normal fantasy MMOs such as questing, crafting and player versus player actions mixed with a real-time battle system.

You can choose one of the seven races and eight classes and begin your adventure into the world of Arborea. Tera’s quests and storyline takes you to many challenging dungeons where a number of tasks can be completed to earn additional XP and rewards. This content requires a group of five people, the usual Healer/Dps/Tank trinity.

So, if you like action-based gameplay (with option to use both keyboard or console controller), huge open world, exciting BAM fights (big ass monsters), give Tera Rising a try.



After playing the traditional MMOs for so many years, you may want a change and at the moment you have two viable options: Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter or Guild Wars 2.  Combining action game RPGs with MMO features Neverwinter delivered a unique dungeon-crawler feeling.

Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from Dungeon & Dragons through an epic adventure mixed with classic roleplaying and action combat system. Player-versus-player arenas channel the exceptional combat pretty well so take a break from time to time and check Domination and Gauntlygrym battlegrounds.

Another unique feature is the Foundry System that allows players to create their own dungeons by providing the tools to build castles, cities, foreboding woods and everything in-between.

So if you want to take a break from your usual MMO and try something new (casual players will find this game very good) take a look at Neverwinter.



As pointed above, if you desire to try a unique MMO, then Guild Wars 2 may be your perfect choice. The business model behind Arena’s Net latest title is b2p (buy to play). Guild Wars 2 features a living world that is responsive to player actions, filled with dynamic events that replace the traditional questing.

Guild Wars 2 will allow players to create a character from a combination of five races and eight professions. You won’t see the Dps/Tank/Healer combination in this MMO. The race and profession will determine the ten skills that you can access from a much larger pool (the first five active skills are determined by player’s weapon and profession, the sixth slot is for healing abilities and the last ones are unlocked as the game progresses).

Player versus player will take place in World vs. World, a different persistent world featuring four large maps where players can besiege structures such as Keeps and Towers, and battle over resources to win rewards for their world and prestigious World Experience for themselves.

Guild Wars 2 is suited for both casual and hardcore gamers that want to try something unique.



You like open-world PvP? Lineage 2 is one of the best competitive PvP MMOs out there (no wonder why it’s still up after more than ten years). There are no battlegrounds, arenas and other similar places (except Olympiad), the entire world is your personal battleground. Say goodbye to PVE/PVP/RP servers and emerge yourself in one of a kind experience where only the strongest one survive.

Lineage 2 is a hardcore grinding game (where PVE wins PVP), but don’t get scared and listen. Grinding plus End Game Content plus PvP Action equals A True MMO.

You need to invest a lot of time in this game if you really want to reach end game content so if you are a casual player stay away from it. Lineage 2 is still looking for a long term relationship with gamers that love MASS PvP, Raiding & Sieges.

The video below was made on a private server.

If you have any questions leave them on the comment section below.

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