Terrayn Sandbox MMO

More and more sandbox games are flooding the market and today we will take a look at CodeMushroom’s upcoming title, Terrayn, that recently launched on KickStarter.

Developers promised to deliver a real MMO that will feature only one server that will be able to sustain millions of players by using the latest cloud system technology, a real Sandbox where you will be able to dig down and build an entire civilization, and a real RPG where you will pick one of the four starting kingdoms or even build your own in you have what it takes.

Terrayn will have a living world where your action may change the course of history. Building and protecting your legacy from other players, depredations of time, weather and Acts of God will keep you entertained long enough. You will be able to build almost anything from fences, houses and barns to inns, taverns and markets to start a town of your own.


For those who want to stay away from violence, Terrayn will offer them a way to make a living by becoming farmers. Plant different types of crops, harvest, raise livestock, breed, milk, and even butcher. Then, either consume the goods you crafted or sell them for profit.

An interesting addition will be the API (Application Programming Interface) that will allow you to add a custom script on any living object you own allowing you to create your own minions to serve your purposes.

CodeMushroom’s final goal is to raise $1,000,000 in order to deliver the final product within 18 months, but they are ready to create a Closed Beta version and show their progress when reaching the $300.000 goal. After that, they will continue to gather funds to finish developing and stressing out the final product.

To learn more about Terrayn visit the KickStarter page.

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