On July 2, a new 20 vs 20 battleground will be added, called Corsair’s Stronghold. You will join a team of 20 players to attack a castle with airships, cannons and tanks while defending your own against the other team. This battleground will be available at lvl 30 and all the gear in the stronghold will be equalized so only by skill you shall prevail.

Some other changes will take place in July 2 update to decrease the gap between Tera Rising and the Korean release such as class-balance; levels, difficulty and rewards for some dungeons; a quicker leveling path on the Island of Dawn and many more.

This will also be the end of the political system and the prelude to alliances. The last election will end on Friday, June 14. All the spciality shops will be open in this patch until the alliances arrive in August.

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