So here we are preparing for this new battleground type of siege warfare. Following old school recipes that proved to work in the past (say hello to “Wintergrasp”) En Masse Entertainment announced yesterday that their free to play action MMO, Tera: Rising, will be debuting all new content in their upcoming battleground Corsairs’ Stronghold on July 2nd.

The battleground will be available for level 30 or higher players. With gear equalized to a level playing field players will need to rely only on skill and wit to ensure victory in this siege warfare. Two teams made of 20 players will fight in this battleground with the purpose of attacking/defending the anchorstone using weapons, war machines (battle tanks, airships, cannons) and ladders. After the first round is over, sides will be switched so the defenders will now try to siege the Stronghold and the attackers will do their best to ensure that the anchorstone will hold. love spells london

To get an in-depth look at the new game mode and vehicle mechanics check the trailer below

The patch will also contain the framework for future content and features that will come later this summer including the highly anticipated Alliance system and the new raid dungeons.  En Masse will give further details about that in the upcoming weeks.

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