The Stomping Land Survival MMO

Developers of the survival MMO, The Stomping Land, announced that the Early Access phase will start on May 30, 2014. The first round of access will be given to Kickstarter backers on May 23 while the rest of us will be able to start hunting Earth’s historic beasts a week later.

For those of you who didn’t follow this project, The Stomping Land is a survival MMO set in a world roamed by dinosaurs. Players will assume the role of a tribal hunter and will have to fight with the basic survival needs such as hunger and thirst. Throughout the hunting season, by using resources gathered from the environment, hunters will be able to upgrade their core items, set traps and build campsites. Best hunters will discover the ability to tame dinosaurs and use them as mounts.

Besides the usual features that we find in every survival MMO, The Stomping Land will also bring PvP content. Players that travel together will be able to form a tribe, share their resources and build a tribe campsite. Each tribe will have its own totem that can be upgraded. By upgrading the totem, players will be able to tame bigger and more difficult dinosaurs. This process will bring a lot of PvP as other tribes will try to raid your campsite and steal your resources and totem heads for their own benefit.

The game will be available on PC for $24.99. To learn more about The Stomping Land, visit the official site.

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