If you missed the event held at RTX 2013 and want to know more about the Shroud of the Avatar check the replay in the video below.

Richard “Lord British” Garriott gives a lesson of gaming history and talks about the next generation of game development, the power of crowd-sourcing and plays through the first demo of Shroud of the Avatar.

The actual demo starts at 0:22:20 and gives a closer look to the game environment, the basic combat (they pointed out later in the demo that this is not the final version of the combat) and the crafting system. A very interesting feature is the way you approach the npcs (you can check that at 0:31:40). At the end of the event  there was a 15 minutes Q&A Session (from 0:44:00)

If you want to learn more about Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues check the official site and if you like it, go support their kick-starter program.

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