Shards MMO

Last week we told you that a mystery timer appeared on the Shards’ official site, but we weren’t sure about what it will reveal. We assumed that it will be an announcement or even a gameplay video and guess what … it’s all here. Citadel Studios just launched its Kickstarter Campaign aiming for a $320,000 contribution until June 12, 2014.

What is Shards after all? Shards is a unique sandbox MMO, heavily inspired by Ultima Online, that breaks from the traditional MMO conventions of levels, classes and quest grinds, and goes back to the living virtual worlds where stories emerged as players explore the worlds laid out before them.

What makes Shards unique? The so-called “multiverse”, entire worlds filled with mortals, demigods and deities, each with their own rules, mechanics, and histories and the ability to run your own private or public clusters, each with their own rule sets. “We are giving our players the tools to create their own in-game communities.”

Shards MMO

What we have here is a potential MMO, well … scratch the potential as I’m 100% sure that this project will get funded, with a less than $30 base price , an optional premium subscription, a game that will feature Skill based character development, Dynamic and emergent content, a Multi-verse spanning many genres with unlimited custom rulesets, a true Living virtual world.

Shards will launch as a complete game containing several official rule-sets and a well balanced set of gameplay, a hardcore PvP battle-royale, and a Perma-Death type of server.

Shards MMO

“When you purchase the game, you will be able to play on player run clusters and run a single ‘shard’ with no additional cost or subscription fees.”

Upon purchasing the game, you will also gain a 30 day optional premium subscription that provides access to the official Citadel Clusters, customer support, live events, and early access to new content. Shards will initial launch on PC, but there are plans for a Mac and Linux version also. Shards Online will be distributed digitally and will probably use an established platform like Steam.

To learn more about Shards, visit the Kickstarter page.

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