Following the market trend Trion Worlds decided that now it’s the perfect time to make a big change, and that is switching to the f2p model on June 12.

As long as they don’t turn it in a “pay-to-win” scenario i think the transition will bring a fresh air to RIFT by increasing the number of players. The developers said that the transition was due to player feedbacks and the changing market, but i tend to believe only the second part.

Starting from June 12 new players will have access to all game content, from dungeons and warfronts to the latest raids, with no level restriction. They will start playing: Rift: Empyreal Assault with 2 character slots and 3 bag slots while veteran players and Storm Legion owners will keep their 6 character & 5 bag slots. Trion Worlds is claiming that: “RIFT will not become pay-to-win with this change. The best items in the game will always have to be earned in Telara!”


A new system for micro transactions will also come with the new update, it is called REX (Rift Exchange). REX is a currency that allows free players to earn Free Store Credits. Available as items to be purchased with real money in the RIFT new store,  REX can be traded, auctioned to other players so everyone can get access to the premium items.



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