Game321 updated their website announcing the first set of classes that will be available in Ragnarok Zero, the browser MMORPG developed by Dream2.

These first set of classes will be available after you graduate from a novice, but more power and more choices will await you later in the game.

Nothing fancy, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, but for the moment we know the name and a partial skill description for 6 of Ragnarok Zero classes. So let’s take a quick look.

Ragnarok Zero Swordsman

Swordsman – Often the first to charge into battles, but the last to fall

  • Justice Defence – For a short duration, all phisical damage received in reduced by half and reflected against the attacker
  • Blade Storm – Spin around, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies

Ragnarok Zero Magician

Magician – Master of the elements who excels at destroying groups of foes

  • Blizzard – A deadly blizzard damages and slows all enemies in a target location
  • Flame Pillar – A pillar of flame is summoned, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in a target location

Ragnarok Zero Acolyte

Acolyte – Experts at supporta and the ultimate ally on the battlefield

  • Healing Aura – The player and nearby allies are healed for a certain duration
  • Divine Weapon – The player gains a temporary bonus to attack damage. Normal attacks will also stun targets for a short duration

Ragnarok Zero  Archer

Archer – Hit and run specialists who deliver death from range

  • Rapid Fire – Fires multiple arrows in a selected direction, each dealing true damage and stunning targets for a short duration
  • Rolling Shot – The player rolls towards a selected duration. The next shot fired reduces the target’s movement speed.

Ragnarok Zero Thief

Thief – Deadly assasin: There one second and gone the next

  • Smoke Bomb – A smoke bomb is released near the player, reducing the attack and movement speed of enemies inside, as well as preventing them from using skills
  • Sneak – The player temporarily becomes invisible and gains movement speed.

Ragnarok Zero Merchant

Merchant – A unique bag of tricks makes them a foe to be feared

  • Transform Pill – The players temporarily transforms into a ferocious wolf, gaining a boost to attack speed, attack damage, and movement speed.
  • Flame Boots – The player boots are imbued with fire. Walking around creates a path of flame which damages enemies.

Game 321 aims for a beta test at the end of this year. For more info check Ragnarok Zero official website.

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