Pathfinder Online PvP

In the latest blog post Ryan Dancey and Tork details Pathfinder Online PvP system. The first part describe the overall PvP concept and why it must play an important role in any MMO, while the second part takes a closer look to the system itself. Finaly someone got it right.

To “maximize meaningful human interaction” a conflict is needed, and combat is an engine that drives the rest of the gameplay.  Ryan perfectly describe the means of PvP: “To become competent in battle, able to drive opponents from the field, or stand one’s ground against an assault, requires players to invest time and energy in harvesting, processing, crafting, building and training. It promotes social cohesion. It gives people a sense that freedom isn’t free – that if they want to play the Kingdom Game, to create settlements of a rich and powerful nature, they’ll have to do as others try to pull them down and take their place. They have to earn it.”

Settlement Conflict

Through your adventure in Pathfinder Online you’ll most likely become a member of a player-run settlement and therefore you will have to get involved in settlement PvP as a settlement member, a member of an ally company or as a mercenary selling your services.

Settlements will be able to declare war against another, but it will come with a cost. Declarations of war will be one-sided, so settlements cannot refuse it. Larger settlements will have to pay a lot of coins if they decide to war against smaller opponents and long wars will make your settlement suffer as you lose money every day.

The settlement leader will be the one in charge with declaring wars and it’s possible to find yourself in the middle of the conflict even if you didn’t wanted. The wars will stop when a settlement stops sustaining the costs or when one of the settlements involved are destroyed. Another conflict is not possible for at least a week after a war ends.

Company Conflict

This conflict will be the usual mode of PvP, where any company made from 8 to 50 players can declare a feud (similar war system that drains your influence over time) against their enemies to raid their resources, for domination or simply for fun.

Feuds will allow companies to engage in combat even if they are allied to the same settlement so this will be a good chance to settle management rights and ownership of wilderness holdings.

Factional Conflict

You can join a faction such as Eagle Knights, the Pathfinders and the Church of Iomedae at any given time. Each faction will have a number of allies and enemies, and you can become a member of multiple factions if you meet the requirements for each and you are not already a member of an opposing faction. Faction standing will be earned by completing quest and achievements for the chosen faction.

Some factions offer more PvP than others, reflecting different play-styles in game. This system will allow Pathfinder Online players to engage in conflict as much or as little they wish, earning rewards in equal measure. If you don’t like to PvP just stay out or avoid the settlement conflicts.

To learn more about these types of PvP check Patfinder Online official site.

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