Grinding Gear Games announced today that Path of Exile’s Open Beta is soon coming to an end after 8 months of tests. On October 23 the game will officially launch as a free-to-play PC title that will also be available through Steam network. The new Versio 1.0 will bring new content such as Scion, the new class, three brand new zones and several new features including different PvP modes, Guilds and Leagues. The game lore will finally receive a proper conclusion at launch

Scion Class Path of Exile

This will be Path of Exile seventh class and it will be unlocked by players who reached the end-game by releasing her from a cage. As you know from the beta, each class can easily focus on different abilities and stats through the talent tree. For example when looking at Witch talent tree we see that she is closer to magic and intelligence perks. Well the Scion is actually in the middle of the talent tree so making her focus on magic or strength will be much difficult, but you can specialise her into more different things.

This is why Scion is part of the prestige classes and will be one of the most versatile class in-game.  She can easily be a good spell caster, melee character and projectile user at the same time.

Trigger Gems Path of Exile

Trigger Gem System
This new system will allow players to further customize their weapons abilities by adding different effects that will trigger active abilities when you do a successful hit. These gems can be either offensive or defensive and will allow you to do multiple spell effects without pressing additional keys.

For example if you have a “Cast on Melee Kill gem – Supported melee attacks have a 54% chance to cast supported spells on kill”, you will have a 54% chance to cast all other spells linked in the gem system, spells such as ice spheres, shock nova or projectile damage. Same system applies to defensive abilities so when you get the needed gems you can trigger spells like endurance cry, frost wall, etc.

Library Path of Exile

New Zones
The official release will bring three new zones placed at the end of Act III. I won’t give you many details about them, you’ll have to discover them at launch, but you should know that these new places will complete the lore and lead you to the final boss battle. The Path of Exile Act IV was officially confirmed, but it won’t be available for the release. I know you all wanted it and you will have it, but that will happen sometime next year.

There will be two new PvP systems at launch and these are Tournament PvP and Capture the Flag (CTF).  An interesting approach they had for tournament PvP mode in order to avoid people kitting their opponents until they are bored to death or sticking to a single build. So the tournament will last for an hour. During this time you will need to score as many victories as possible in order to achieve a higher rank, so you will need to get into the fight, finish it as soon as possible and then get out to be matched against other oponents.

The second type of PvP match is Capture the Flag. The system is still under development, but we know that it will be an interesting fight where teams will come up with amazing builds in order to achieve their goals and we might even face a three way battle. They want to diverse the usual CTF arenas by adopting in-game scenarios such as battles between bandit leaders.

Path of Exile s1

In order to further improve player interactions, new features such as storage and guild ranks will be added to Path of Exile version 1.0. By taking part in tournaments, leagues, races and capture the flag matches you’ll help your guild increase in rank by earning points that will unlock several rewards.

Challenge Leagues
The release of Path of Exile will bring two new leagues: Domination and Nemesis.  The Domination League will have easier challenges where you’ll have to do certain tasks such as killing every rare monster on the map. Here you will also find shrines, a totem that buffs enemy minions giving them special strengths like increase movement speed, increased critical hit, etc. but can also be taged by a player. After touching a shrine you character will gain that special buff or some amazing skill effects such as frost nova or burning flames.

Nemesis will be the hardcore league where you will have to defeat special nemesis rare monsters through your adventures. Each rare monster will have a different mod featuring new skills like dealing explosion when killed or reflecting projectiles. If you want a fresh start you better get into one of these leagues

Path of Exile Phantom Blades

Path of Exile Future
Beside the amazing features and content we spoke about, Grinding Gear Games plans to release new updates on a four month schedule with little updates including new skills, talents, gems and class balances each two weeks.

If you are a fan of hack and slash RPGs, or if you ever wanted a Diablo II sequel don’t miss Path of Exile on October 23.

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