Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

As you already known, Brad McQuaid’s latest title, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen went to Kickstarter a few days ago. The project is going well so far and it managed to collect $154.000 from the pledged goal of $800.000.

In the latest update, Brad talked about the Cleric, one of the first classes that will be available in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The Cleric will be a healer, but judging after the armors and weapons available for this class, he will be similar to what we call a “battle priest”.

“The Cleric is battle-ready priest devoted to spreading the influence of his or her pantheon while adventuring within the wilds of Terminus. Armed with weapons and abilities of divine might, the cleric performs benevolent deeds upon those in need and keeps his allies from the clutches of death. In Terminus, where the reach of a pantheon has been met, the cleric goes forth to act as a harbinger of faith.”

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

First type of Cleric will use heavy plate armor, a shield in offhand and maces, scepters, warhammers, flails or even two-handed hammers, making him a viable DPS in times of need. We’ve seen this type of class in action in other MMORPGs and if it’s done well it will save the need of a party or fellow adventurer when leveling up. The only problem is that sometimes, if not well balanced, the battle priest will turn overpowered in terms of PvP.

The second type of Cleric will focus on healing and buffing, wearing robes and wielding two-handed staves or scepters with a tome in offhand. Some Clerics will also have the ability to summon astral Paladins as faithful sentries to help them in battles. This is the most common type of healer that we find in the “holy trinity” schemes.

Clerics will be able to smite their foes, heal or revive fallen brethren and cleanse the undeads. Depending on their deity they may possess various abilities and blessing that will enhance their effectiveness on and off the battlefield.

Visionary Realms plans to reveal two classes per week over the Kickstarter campaign. To learn more about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen check the Kickstarter page.

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