No Man's Sky

A new massive sci-fi exploration sim or maybe a sci-fi MMO, called No Man’s Sky, was announced by Hello Games at the Spike VGX awards.

No Man’s Sky will feature a first person sci-fi adventure on different plans like on land, underwater and sky, both in the planet’s atmosphere and in outer space, in a massive universe. Everything that you will be able to see in the game it’s an actual place, like if you see a large planet in the horizon, you will be able to get into your ship, fly there and explore it.

No Man's Sky Underwater

“It’s more than a persistent world” said Sean Murray, Founder of Hello Games. No Man’s Sky will not be a passive exploration game, players will discover several ecosystems throughout their adventures where they’re not the top of the food chain anymore.

To make a better idea about this future Massive World check out Sean Murray’s No Man’s Sky Trailer below.

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