Hunter Ranger Class

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced Shadowmantle, the second free expansion Module for Neverwinter. This second free update, set to be released later this year will feature new regions and artifacts, a second paragon path and a new Hunter Ranger class.

“We’re so excited to reveal Shadowmantle. There has been great speculation about what our next class would be and we’re thrilled to reveal the Hunter Ranger,” said Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievich. “Delivering new classes is something the team is committed to and this is just the first of many free classes to come in Neverwinter.”

Dread Ring Campaign

The new campaign will take you to Dread Ring, a massive structure that lies deep within Neverwinter Woods in the skeleton of a black dragon, built as a focus for ritual magic.

Dread Ring Campaign progression will be less linear than the previous Feywild campaign and will also introduce new loot, buffs, powerful items and iconic Dungeons & Dragons bosses to battle. The narrative story will continue the Fury of the Feywild Lore and will be split through new quests, new instances and a new dungeon.


Shadowmantle will bring a brand of new items that you can equip, called Artifacts. These items will grant you unique powers and will continue to grow in stats as you level them up by feeding them enchantments, runestones and white treasure items.

Each character will be able to equip three artifacts at a time and gain one active and three passive bonuses. They will be obtained from quest and campaign rewards, boss drops or through the special store promotions.

Paragon Paths

All classes will get a second paragon path after reaching level 30. For example, Rogues will get a range attack path, Control Wizards will get a fire-centric path, unlocking new fiery AOE attacks, Devoted Clerics will receive new party buffs through the Anointed Champion path, while Great Weapon Fighters and Guardian Fighters will gain access to each other’s paragon path.

Cryptic Studio will give everyone a free respect token, but after that, you will have to pay a tax in order to change your spec.

Collection System

Shadowmantle will also bring a new collection system similar to achievements system that will reward players with nice loot when they finish gathering certain in-game items, companions, etc.

Hunter Ranger Class

This new class will be a mix of melee and range combat featuring several archery modes and twin blades combat. Each skill has a range and melee version as you can switch between modes as many times as you want.

The Hunter Ranger will be a DPS class, but it will also have some crowd control and buffing abilities.

To learn more about the game check Neverwinter official page.

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