Alchemy is the newest profession that was implemented into Neverwinter on June 20th, 2013. With it players can create their own potions for buffs and healing, and even dyes.

1.  Go to your Alchemy crafting window (press N) and hire your first Apothecary (time 5s)


2.  a) If you don’t have any materials you can do the Gather Simple Components task (time 10m)


b) If you already have Simple Pelts and Pine Woods go to Protector’s Enclave in Seven Suns Coaster Market and purchase from M’tari Prin’tal several Solvents.

3.  Craft Simple Vitriol Extraction (time 10m)


4.  Craft Rank 1 Experimentation (this craft has random rewards, you will get 100% a Minor Unstable Potion and if you get lucky you will also receive a random recipe and a Basic Alchemical Knowledge)


The Basic Alchemical Knowledge is the key material in leveling Alchemy from level 1 to 3 and can be obtained only from Rank Experimentation so far.

5.  After you obtained your first BAK go and craft Alchemical Research for 100 xp.


Congratulations your Alchemy is now Level 2

If you want to train further and i can’t see any reasons not to, all you have to do is repeat step 3 and 4 (at this level it is called Rank 2 Experimentation) until you have 3 BAKs and go back to market to purchase one Brimstone.

Now that you have all the needed ingredients start crafting Alchemical Research



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