marvel heroes update 1.2

Gazilion Entertainment announced today that Marvel Heroes game Update 1.2 is now live worldwide. This is one of the biggest patches and includes a new hero, difficulty modes, a huge overhaul of the defense system, new unique items, stackable relics and much more.

Emma Frost. Players will be able to play as the iconic heroine Emma Frost and experience her omega level telepathic powers and diamond form. She’s a unique hero that features some new game mechanics like the ability to mind control enemies or changing into her Diamond Form for tank-melee options.

New Difficulty Modes. You can unlock two new modes: Heroic and Super Heroic, at level 30 and 45 or by defeating Doctor Doom. These new modes will bring new enemies and challenges that differs from the normal difficulty plus better loot, experience and rewards.

Updated Defense System. A major game system change that includes improvements  to how the Crit and Dodge ratings work.

New Starting Area: Queens Bank Heist.  A new starting quest that will ask players to stop an ongoing bank heist in Queens. The quest will end with an encounter with Black Cat.

Introducing Relics and Unique Items. There are two new item types in the game: the relics that are powerful fragments of epic civilizations across the Marvel universe and will give players stats bonus that can be stacked up to 999 and some unique, extremely rare and powerful items that can be slotted in any of the 5 basic items slots to offer various exciting abilities.

If you want to play Marvel Heroes for free check the official website.

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