In the latest blog update, Doomsaw, a member of the design team on Marvel Heroes talks about the future changes that will arrive in the next months.

They are going to fix the defense system and add two new difficulty levels: Heroic and Superheroic. This difficulty mode should arrive on test server somewhere in August. Changes are made to the PVP system also by introducing new “casual” and “serious” maps. The quicker maps should take less than 30 minutes while the “in-depth” maps could take up to one hour of play. The casual PVP modes will have more adventuring PVE content like Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft while serious PVP modes will be based on the ARAM mode from League of Legends where two teams compete to get past turrets and destroy the enemy base in a 5v5 map.

They will be introducing 5-man raids into the game. Doctor Doom will be remade for level 60 players with changes to mechanics, difficulty and rewards. More info about raiding will be available after July update.

Marvel Heroes Store was also relaunched and now offers great discounts on heroes and costumes bundled together.

More detailed information can be found on the dev blog.

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