In a recent blog post is talking about the localization of Archeage for the Russian market. Earlier in January, announced that their future game for 2013 will be Archeage, a sandbox mmorpg, designed by Jake Song (known as the father of Lineage) and published by XL Games. They said that ArcheAge is recreating the spirit of Ultima Online from 15 years ago.


The Group working on ArcheAge is about 70 people, not only editors, testers and managers, but also programmers, engineers, designers and producers. They went further and explained the structure of the LK (Localization Kit) which contains all texts, graphics, voices, everything that players see on their screen. They also talked about the difficulties of translating the game from Korean .

At the end of the blog post they gave an ETA for Closed Beta Phase: “Closed beta testing is scheduled for the autumn of 2013”. After CBT, they will also have an OBT before ArcheAge will go live.

To read the entire blog post go to

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