Lineage 2 Valiance

NcSoft announced that Valiance, the latest chapter from Lineage 2 will hit the live servers on  December 11, 2013.

This new update will bring back and revamp one of the old regions known as Hellbound. This forsaken land will be available for level 99 characters and will contain three new areas to explore and several new quests. The first added area, called Beleth Circle will be available for solo hunting, the second one, Martyr’s Quarry will chalange  small parties, while Oasis Hills will bring real challenges to full groups.

Valiance Helbound Beleth Circle  Valiance Hellbound Martyr Quarry  Valiance Hellbound Oasis Hills

Characters skill system was improved and 25 new skills have been added while many skills have been modified or had their skill effects changed.

Valiance will also bring a new unique feature called Ability system. This new feature, similar to the talent trees what you may be familiar with from other MMOs will allow players to distribute a set number of points in an ability tree, making their characters more powerful and unique.

Valiance Ability System

Some of the most powerful raids will return to Aden to plague adventurers once more. Old players will be happy to face once more raids such as Darion, Beleth, Lilith and Anakim.

To learn more about Lineage 2 Valiance check out the official site.

Meanwhile in Korea, on the PTS server, the Lineage 2 Epic Tales of Aden – Episode 1 was installed and a new race, Ertheia, was added. If you want to see it in action, check our report here.

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