Lineage 2 Ertheia

NCSoft is currently busy developing a new race for one of the most competitive MMORPG out there, Lineage 2. Even if this game has recently passed the 10 years mark, it’s still very popular on the Asian and Russian Market and has a healthy population on our Western Market as well.

Last month, two new illustration were published on the official site, but there was no info about a new race/class or anything related. Now the addition was confirmed and we learned a few bits of information regarding their roles in both PvP and PVE. Below you will find a interview with Chief Developer Nam Taek-rim, translated by Elmar (a big thanks to him for helping the Lineage 2 community for so many years).

Lineage 2 Ertheia Arteias Race

QAre the Arteias, of whom an illustration has been published, a newly added race?

That illustration shows the Arteias, a new race that will soon appear in the game.

Q: When the Arteias were revealed, no further information was provided. Therefore everybody was very frightened about what specific properties they might have. So, could you provide us with details?

The Arteias are a race that has been created by Sayha instilling the spirit of wind into a mold provided by Einhasad. They were playfully flitting around, and for their vivid behavior they were also rather strong.

They are a race that through their undying curiosity constantly discovers new things and is also very creative. But when they engage in battle, they attack the enemy in horrible ways that you would never expect when you see their usually pure and lovely appearance.

Q: Which kind of classes will there be?

When you look closely at the illustration we have published before, you will realize that we are planning to introduce at first only two classes.

The name of the classes as well as their main patterns and specific properties will be revealed at a later point of time.
In this respect I have to ask you for a lot of patience ^^

Q: But couldn’t you nevertheless maybe let us know at least a little bit about the skills … That would be greatly appreciated … hehe …

Lineage 2 Ertheia Development

At first we are developing classes that use mainly camouflage skills, hiding their appearance inside of cephyrs, as well as skills that let them move their opponent close to themselves. They are classes that can control space and change the state of their opponent.

Let me say in closing that both classes will be able to hunt safely and fight joyfully. They are designed in a way that they can by properly timing the use of their skills overcome their opponent.

Q: Hunt safely and fight joyfully? So in which combat abilities are the Arteias particularly good?

They are generally rather strong. Especially in solo-hunting and 1:1 PvP they are showing their strength. For mass PvP we are planning to give them a role where they are supporting their own side in a variety of ways.

Q: Why is it that when I look only at the illustration I have a strong feeling of seeing an Elf?

Lineage 2 Arteias Development

Normally when we are dealing with teaser illustrations we must shift the focus away from realistically showing the character towards conveying a mood. In this way it can happen that when you see the picture of a pure and vivid girl, you get a feeling that it contains certain elements normally associated with Elves.

Later on we will publish regular pictures. When you then look patiently and carefully at those pictures you will notice that their visual appearance is in many points different from that of Elves or the other existing races ^^

Q: Honorable Chief Artist, what would you say is the most important among the specific properties of the Arteias?

When we worked out the first rough concept, we went through a lot of pain and suffering. It was necessary to go trough a process of finding a kind of differentness that avoided getting too far away from the character of the already existing races.

For us it was extremely difficult to satisfy the two opposed requirements of having on the one hand a differentness, but on the other hand there should also not be an abrasive feeling and the new race should melt smoothly into the game. When you ask me what is the most important point about the Arteias, it’s that even when you look at them from afar, you can never see their complete silhouette.

Q: Silhouette … So what was the motive for choosing the Arteias?

You could say that the design of the Arteias did already exist; it is laid out in the lore.

Speaking just of the motive, the main reason was that they were already “designed” in a fairly detailed way and already had been given a place in the order of things. Apart from that we considered it important to avoid a duplication of existing characters and to strive for a new style.

To be more precise, we were in a way aiming for an embodiment of the “lively but tough young female warrior (or buffer)”.

In that we took a completely different approach to beauty than with Dwarves or Elves, a difference you will be able to clearly see.

Source: Rochand

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