Lineage 2 Classic Server

As I told you last week, NCSoft KR is opening a Lineage 2 Classic Server for those who miss the old school version of the game. This is not C1 or C2, it’s a hybrid that will please the nostalgic fans.

Here are some details from what I managed to discover so far:

  • Old inventory system is back (we will have 12 item categories)
  • Old territories are available again (the ones that were revamped through different updates) such as Swampland, Cruma Tower, Tower of Insolence, Dragon Valley and Antharas Lair/Nest
  • Crafting Recipes will use the old materials such as animal bone, curse bone powder, stone of purity, etc.
  • The clan system is a 5 level hybrid system and will feature two clan skills (one that will increase XP and one that will increase the movement speed)
  • There won’t be any Academy system on the Classic server
  • Old party system is back – 9 man party with bonus XP. The level difference accepted in order to gain XP while you are in a party it’s set to 9.
  • Seems like PK characters won’t drop items, but will get them destroyed (not 100% sure)
  • When you are killed you lose XP and you can delevel. When getting killed by a mob you will have a low chance to drop items (a system that was available during C1-C4)
  • You will need to farm spellbooks again in order to learn your skills.
  • Old Skill system is back
  • Old Class Change Sytem with the three part 2nd Class quests. The 3rd Class Change will be available in the next update.
  • The Open Beta will end on June 3, 2014 and from then the Classic Server will be pay-to-play.

The Open Beta for Lineage 2 Classic Server went live a few hours ago. Here are some screenshots from the official forums.

Human Mage Starting Area
Lineage 2 Classic Server

Dark Elf Village
Lineage 2 Classic Server

Camping for Class Change Quest mobs
Lineage 2 Classic Server

Dwarf Starting Area

Lineage 2 Classic Server stream

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