Life is Feudal s1

Russian indie game developer, Bitbox, released today an exclusive gamepley trailer offering a first-look at the upcoming sandbox MMO, Life is Feudal. This medieval sandbox MMORPG aims for hardcore players looking for the ultimate gameplay experience offering almost endless possibilities.

The gameplay trailer showcases some of the most important features such as: A huge and seamless (no loading screens) Open World (around 450 square kilometers of different landscapes and climates waiting to be claimed), Terraforming options (multiple ground substances, raising and lowering ground levels, digging tunnels, mines and moats, building roads to speed up your settlement economy) and it’s flexible free building  (per square or per structure city planning and building on any part of the global map).

Life is Feudal s1

In terms of gameplay, Life is Feudal will bring crafting mini-games (crafting system combines entertainment and time efficiency seamlessly and transforms grinding into a realistic MMORPG feature that players can become immersed and entertained by), a no target combat system, physics based melee and ranged combat system and highly unique formation bonus system.

Life is Feudal will be released for PC around the fall of 2015.

For more details check Life is Feudal official page.

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