Kingdom Under Fire II Beta Test

Bad news for people that are located outside of SEA. As you already know, MMOGAsia will launch a Beta Test for Kingdom Under Fire II on January 23, 2014.

You may already start exploring the three unique classes that will be available during this test: Gunslinger, Spellsword and Berserker during the Character Creation period that starts today at 18:00, GMT+8.

Now the bad part is that people outside of SEA won’t be able to play during this beta phase, at least not without a VPN or something to get over the IP block. When it was first announced, Kingdom Under Fire II Beta Test was supposed to run without any restrictions, but due to numerous complaints regarding technical difficulties when trying to download the client, MMOGAsia decided to limit the access.

“Concerning this barrier that would not enable players to experience the game to its fullest and poor user experience is never our goal to achieve nor the developer Blueside as well, therefore we reluctantly made this decision whereby players out of SEA would not be able to participate in this EBT.”

To learn more about Kingdom Under Fire II check the official page.

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