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Yesterday, Gamebox (you may know them as the developers and publishers of Odin Quest and Wartune) launched the Closed Beta Test for their latest title, Inferno Legend. These first tests will end on December 17, when the game will move to the Open Beta without any wiping.

Inferno Legend is a turn-based MMORPG where you play the “evil” role, fighting alongside Diablo, Mephisto and other well-known devils against Angels and Human’s invasion into the Hell Fortress. The game is available in multiple formats, such as micro-client, web browser and mobile devices with data sync simultaneously.

Although I am not a big fan of browser MMOs beside some old strategy games like Tribal Wars, I decide to give it a try and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Below you will find my first impression after 16 hours of intense gameplay.


As I said before you will play the evil role in the form of a Vampire – a well balance class specialized in swordsmanship and black magic, a Mummy – the remains of an ancient civilization that spreads curses and controls servant-monsters, a Faerie – protector of Hell’s magic, a Samurai – fallen brave warriors that masters the swordsmanship and magic or a Cyclops – a giant and robust class.

Character Creation

After my latest fail experience in Wartune, where I chose a Mage that turned out to be a mixed class, something between a Sorceress and a Priest, and we all know that in MMOs you will fail in both decent healing or doing damage, now it was time for a change so I decided to pick a real damage dealer – The Cyclop (sounds strong enough to defeat some Paladins, right?).

The first thing that caught my attention was graphic quality and detail, far better than in other games of the same type. The opening cinematic, although it was running in low quality, even if I was playing the game through the micro-client version, presented the first fragments of lore showcasing Diablo’s retreat from an invading army.

Beginners Tutorial

Now that we know where we stand in this never ending battle between evil and good, it was time to pass through the Purgatory that you may know as the “Tutorial”. I swear that 90% of browser games tutorial is a total crap. You can’t move, can’t click anything except that Magic Button that will lead you to the first battle of your life where you may need to press one button (can’t miss it either) to launch a mighty skill.

Inferno Legend is doing the same job by limiting my experience and showing me what a pitiful evil servant I am compared to Diablo’s might (he’s the Lord of Terror after all) in some automated battles where he does all the damage with a mighty AOE. After learning the so-called basics of the game I went to my first Dungeon.

Dungeon Map

Again the graphics were wonderful, with a floating map formed from hexagonal bricks that appear one by one as you progress throughout the dungeon. Some of them will award you XP, Souls (a currency that we will cover later), Gold, while others will test your skills against different Minions, Heroes or Bosses. At the end of the Dungeon, after defeating the last Boss, I was awarded with a new weapon, a Hammer. Like every normal player, the first thing that I wanted to see was if the new artifact is better than my old rusty sword. But NO, we are still in the Tutorial so we need to click the next button, learn a few new tricks and head to the second Dungeon. Lucky that I needed to move alone inside this new dungeon so I was able to open my inventory and switch to my new hammer.


During the next few fights I managed to turn off the Auto combat and choose alone what skills my Cyclop will do on the next turn. Battles are turn based, prior to the combat phase you can choose your troop formation (quite important because most of the enemies will attack after the well-known concept “first come, first served” and you really need a defense companion on the first spot to absorb most of the damage) and then you will control your Avatar.


You will also be able to recruit several types of servitors/companions to build up a mighty army as you progress further into the game. There are a few tricks that you will master along the way like what troops to use (depending on their abilities) to achieve special goals. In Inferno Legend you will find two types of servitors (normal and elite) from four categories (defense- tank type, speed – fast damage dealer and physic – single target damage dealer and magic – AOE damage dealer). To be able to recruit them you will need White Souls for normal ones and Blue Souls for elite ones, and you can also reset their skills in order to gain new or higher level ones by spending Diamonds.


Questing and Dungeons

The main set of quests is split throughout several acts, and each act consists from 7 different dungeons. There are three different objectives during each dungeon (Complete the map, Defeat the boss without losing any unit and Defeat the final boss within 5 rounds or Have a Special minion inside your army when clearing the dungeon) and you will gain different rewards if you complete them all.

First Act Completed

At the end of the Act a Treasure Map will be opened and you can gain a lot of gold and powerful artifacts. The treasure room is guarded by a powerful Hero so if you want to gain access to the second part of the room you will need to come back later, after you gain a few more levels.

To enter a Dungeon you will consume 5 Vigor Points (a system similar to stamina) from a total of 80 points (for a normal player) or 100 points (if you are a VIP user). Your character will get one Vigor Point every 10 minutes so a casual gamer will have enough points to spend a few hours in-game.

After successfully completed a Dungeon a new option called “Raids” will become available where you can skip the gameplay and just earn the rewards (XP, Souls, Gold etc.) for a small amount of gold. First levels are pretty easy, but around level 30 you will need to redo or raid a lot of dungeons in order to gain the needed XP or to be able to complete all the tasks.

Upon reaching level 30, two new special dungeons will appear: The Hydra’s Lair and Sacred Temple. Each day you will be able to enter these level 20 dungeons and if you complete them, beside some powerful rewards (including some Lineage points), you will be able to advance to the higher level next day (same instance, but with tougher enemies and higher rewards).

After  reaching level 35, a new type of map “Wilderness” will become available and you can use the “Explore” function to discover new mini-maps that contains two dungeons (these takes only 3 Vigor Points to enter) that may unlock new servitors or even new features like you can see in the screenshot below.

Wilderness Exploration

Beside the normal quests you also have a set of 4 Daily Quest with different tasks (participate in Arena, gift a friend, complete 10 dungeons, etc.) that will also award you some extra gold, souls, wickedness and diamonds.

In-game Currencies

Inferno Legend have two primary currencies: Gold (used for buying other currencies from the shop and for upgrading your Soul Tree), Diamond (premium currency that can be obtained in-game through finishing special tasks in dungeons, dailys and events; used for speeding up or upgrading different things).

Special currencies are: Lineage (earned from Dungeons and Events, used to upgrade Character and minion skills), Wickedness (earned through Events and Arena PvP, used to upgrade Sin Book in order to gain skill points and population slots), Fruit of Talent (gained from Dungeons and Events, used to gain special talents for your Character), Totem Fragments (earned from Dungeons, used to upgrade Item Totems – by upgrading let’s say the weapon totem, any weapon that you will equip will be enchanted to the totem level) and Souls (earned by growing and harvesting the Soul Tree, used to buy servitors).

Soul Tree

Overall, Inferno Legend is a very good game that will keep you entertained for several hours each day by combining Dungeon Leveling and Exploring, Mini-games such puzzles, Daily Events such as Human Invasion (available through the alliance menu) and many more well polished features in a NON pay-to-win atmosphere.

The only thing it lacks in my opinion, is the social interaction (at least till level 38). Beside some solo PvP action, Alliance System (where 20 players join, but not really interacting with each other) and the Friend System (where you can send some gifts to another player) I didn’t see anything related to parties or group activities.

Pros: High detailed Graphics, Good Gameplay, NON pay-to-win
Cons: Almost no interaction with other players

If you want to try the game check Inferno Legend official site.

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