Blizzard Entertainment announced that HeathStone: Heroes of Warcraft just entered Closed Beta testing for North America region. The European Beta launch date is still unknown.

During this beta phase there won’t be any NDA so you can share videos, opinions or even stream your matches. We don’t know for how long this beta phase is planned to run yet.

HOW TO JOIN. For a chance to participate in this closed beta all you need to do is create a battle.net account and select HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft from the Beta Profile page. After running a System Check that will attach your computer’s specifications to your beta profile you’ll just have to wait for an invite. If you are lucky you’ll get an email containing a closed beta key that you can use to start playing right away.

Through the closed beta phase there will be a collection wipe in order to re-balance some cards based on the received feedback, but players who purchased card packs or Arena entry with real money will be credited back with an equivalent amount of gold following the wipe.

For a list of websites that will host Beta Key Giveaway events click here.

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