guild wars 2 tequatl the sunless

With Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Rising getting closer (two days left), I thought we should take a closer look to the actual boss fight. And what better way to do this then watching the demo from Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash.

Mike Zadorojny, Game Design Lead and Melina Mitchell, Quality Assurance will guide players through this epic fight against the revamped open world boss, Tequatl the Sunless, while giving a short preview of the new Looking for Group system that will go live on September 17th (video around 0:19:25).

The gameplay begins at 0:14:54 and shows the chain of events, the boss skills and the new tactics required to take down the dragon such as using the turrets skills to clean up the poison bubbles (that appears all over the ground around the boss), breaking the Hardened Skale buff (that makes the raid invulnerable and summons a bone wall if it reaches the max level) and buffing up your team-mates.

Ok, ok, no more talking. I will let you enjoy GW 2 Tequatl Rising world premiere from Anniversary Bash. If you want to get the game check Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition.

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