final fantasy xiv a realm reborn moonfire fair event

Even if Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn just recently launched, Square Enix has already prepared in-game events. The first event that will take place is called Moonfire Faire (fans of FF XIV may remember this summer event from version 01).

Moonfire Faire event starts today at 1:00 AM PDT. Due to the current server congestion the duration of the event will be extended and the ending date will be revealed in a separate announcement soon.

“Five long years have passed since the fall of Dalamud, and a new generation of adventurers has taken up arms in the absence of the Warriors of Light. But would they be so foolish as to run headlong into the proverbial oven that is the Moonfire Faire? There’s no mistaking the Cascadier officers thronging the streets with their pamphlets, permeating the air with platitudes and empty promises. It may not be long before even you, dear reader, come face to face with these ardent recruiters.”

To take part in this event you need to speak to any of the Moonfire Faire chaperones, who will appear in each of the three city-states. Leading artist Akihiko Yoshida showed the maps where the event trigger NPC can be found.

final fantasy xiv: a realm reborn limsa lominsa faire location

Limsa Lominsa Faire Location

final fantasy xiv: a realm reborn old gridania faire location

Old Gridania Faire Location

final fantasy xiv: a realm reborn ul'dah faire location

Ul’dah Faire Location

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