Do you remember EIN?  A long time has passed since G*Star 2011 when the game was announced and until today we didn’t hear any news about it. Still no info about it, but during ChinaJoy 2013 the project was seen in the Business to Business (B2B) area.

Epicus Incognitus is developed by Inuca Interactive and is going to be released in Korea by Neowiz. It seems that they are still trying to find a suitable publisher for the Chinese Market.


EIN will feature an epic world where magic and advanced machinery coexist, driven by a dramatic storyline following the war between two competing factions. Inuca Interactive is trying to bring a next-generation online game based on storytelling experience brought by the use of cinematic “no need to read through boring quest content – simply experience it”.

For those who didn’t follow this game below it’s the G*Star 2012 traile r.

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