After successfully vanquished the Prime Evil, you’ll be summoned once more to fight against a terrible evil that rises to threathen Sanctuary again. Throughout your journey, in Reaper of Souls, you’ll have the opportunity to join forces with a new ally: Myriam Jahzia, the Mystic.

Adventuring in the city of Westmarch you’ll have the chance to save Myriam, a victim of Malthael’s forces. Shortly after encountering her, she will offer her Artisan services regardless of your level, joining Haedrig Eamon the Blacksmith and Covetous Shen the Jeweler. She will offer two unique services: Enchanting and Transmogrification (customizing your appearance).


By talking to Myriam, you’ll be able to place an item onto the Enchanting window and choose to reroll one of the item properties. Additional information about the resulting properties that can be obtained (random factor will apply here) can be seen by clicking the question mark to the right of each property.

Reaper of Souls Enchanting s1

After you gathered the required crafting materials and collected enough gold, select the desired property you want to replace and click Enchant.  Once the item is enchanted, if you don’t like the new property, you’ll be able to either continue enchanting, and try your luck once more or you can choose to keep the old property.

Reaper of Souls Enchanting s2

Keep in mind that after a single property has been changed, all other properties will become “locked in” and cannot be rerolled. Also, the enchanted item becomes account bound and can no longer be traded to other players.


Transmogrification (some of you may know this process as reskin) will allow you to change the appearance of your hero’s items without sacrificing any of their powers. For example, if you find a cool looking sword that isn’t as good in stats as your equipped sword, you will be able to change your old sword look and keep its stats through transmogrification.

Reaper of Souls Transmogrification

In order to use a specific visual appearance you’ll need to unlock it. Common, Magic and Rare item appearances will unlock as you level up the Mystic, while Legendary and Set item appearances will unlock only after you’ve identified them.

As with Enchanting, Transmogrifying an item will also bind it to your account.

For more info about the game check Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls official page.

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