Defiance just launched a Recruit-A-Friend campaign that allows players to unlock exclusive Headhunter Title, Inventory slots, Hellblazers Nomad Truck and Tier 3 Lock Boxes.

To unlock these rewards all you have to do is “follow the light”, emm … I mean follow the next steps:

1. You need to own a copy of Defiance across any platform and have a valid Trion Worlds account. (Xbox 360 and PS3 accounts need to be account linked)

2. Head on over to

3. Ask your friends for their e-mails or simply post your recruit link via you social media channel of choice.

4. Watch your rewards unlock as your friends play the game. (Friend accounts on Xbox 360 and PS3 need to be account linked)

Below there is a picture that explains what you need to unlock the rewards


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