Did you ever wanted to be in a TV Show? Now it’s your chance, not really you, but your character. The first Season of Defiance Show has ended and Trion is launching a new event called “Play the Game. Join the Show”. Complete the most Arkfalls events in game and you get a chance to have your character written onto the TV show.  The event will be held from July 8th until July 30th.

The top 10 ark hunters who complete the most Arkfall events (dynamic daily events that can occur in the game at any place and where players can salvage the most loot) during the Contest period will have their character submitted to a Facebook contest. From there 5 characters will be submitted to the writers staff at Syfy and the final winner will be selected by Kevin Murphy, the lead creator of the TV show.

I think this is the first time we see such an event. For the official contest rules click here.

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