Yesterday there was another stream with Defiance developers during Friday Livestream Extravaganza with the Community Managers Myll Erik and Sledgehammer together with the new Producer, RedAvocado. The stream focuses on a Q&A session with the new producer.

During this weekend a new “dodge high speed challenge” kicks off and to compensate for the recent lags and problems a new three day boost will be available in-game.  The DLC date wasn’t announced, but they are confident in releasing it on August 2013.

The first DLC will feature a new PvP map called Military Academy, Volge Sieges, custom matches, a new race, four person vehicle and many more.

If you want to know more about Trion Worlds plans for Defiance be sure to check the livestream on Twitch (the Defiance stream starts at 1:30:00)

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