Chris Lena, the new Executive Producer for Defiance, confirmed that the new DLC for Defiance is coming in August. He also said that a total of 5 DLCs are planned to be released this year.

In this upcoming DLC all known “critical errors” were fixed and a new loading bar for the patching progress was introduced. Problems with groups of players entering a Co-Op Map and leaving some behind were also fixed.

At the moment Defiance has two clusters of regional servers, one in Europe and one in North America. With the DLC the console users will be able to select the regional server they want to connect so they can play with their friends regardless of their location. However, if you decide to jump from Europe to North America you will have to start a new character.

If you want to know more about the features coming in August check Defiance update from San Diego Comic-Con.

UPDATE: Defiance’s first DLC release date was announced.

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