Carbine is creating a new hype for WildStar Event at San Diego Comic-Con by releasing two new posters.

The first poster, named Cutely and Grotesque, was posted yesterday and shows the 19th of July date and the message “Some secrets … you wish you could forget.”

wildstar-teaser-cutely-and-grotesque-poster    wildstar-teaser-weir-and-creepy-poster

The second poster, named Weird and Creepy, was posted five hours ago on WildStar facebook page featuring the same date with the message “Some mysteries … should not be revealed.”

This posters are likely related to the new races which will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.  Rumors are saying that “Cutely” is referring to a short, furry Dominion race while “Grotesque” may be related to the new Exile race. Anyway in two days we will know the real story behind this.

You should also take a look at Jeremy Gaffney, Carbine Executive Producer Interview from Develop13

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