Camelot Unchained Helbound Class

Developers of Camelot Unchained decided to share the concept behind a future class named Helbound. Note that not all the classes they are going to tease in the following months are going to be a part of the game from the beginning.

This new HelBound is a Viking class formed by members who have sworn allegiance to the Greater Power Hel. When I first read the title I pictured some mighty savaged warrior, but it turned out to be a “healer” class for the Viking Realm. A dark healer always sounds interesting for the fans of support classes.

Camelot Unchained Masks

Lead Project Designer, Mark Jacobs, quoted from the lore: ”Becoming a Helbound means pain and pleasure, power and weakness for we are as our mother, creatures of a dual nature. Once you take this vow you are forever bound to her and you aknowledge that your existence in this world is transitory. She will mark you so that all who encounter you will know your true allegiance and fate.”

The class will have two paths that you can choose: The Path of Life, where you will learn the runes of magic that are attuned to the healing arts and The Path of Death, where you learn the runes that will bring death upon your enemies.

Camelot Unchained Helbound Dual Path

Upon choosing a path you will be granted a special weapon that will bond to your very soul. This bond can be transformed to another weapon in the future, but only one weapon may be bonded to you at a time. The Helbound race can even use their empty hands as a weapon, causing a permanent rune of power to be etched upon them. With time, Hel may harden your hands so that they take on the aspects of a crafted weapon.

Camelot Unchained Helbound Staves

As a Helbound you can summon fallen ancestors who have passed from this world ,to merge with you and share their strength and power for a short time. Similar to the bond with Hel, the bond with your ancestors will allow you to call on different aspects of ancestors as you grow stronger.

For more artworks and concept arts go to our facebook page. To learn more about the lore behind Helbound class and to find out the price you’ll need to pay to Hel check Camelot Unchained official site.

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