During Chinajoy 2013, held at Shanghai, Tencent’s game portal got some new details about World of Warcraft future from Lead System Designer Greg Street and Technical Director Marco Koegler.

Greg Street said that the upcoming patch 5.4 will be the last major update for Mist of Pandaria but the new Dota style battleground called Defense of the Alehouse won’t be available. Talking about Blizzard’s future plans to break the traditional Tank-Healer-DPS pattern, Marco Koegler said they are taking in consideration the option to add a new support/buffer class (no details about it yet).

The next part of the discussion was about the constant improvement of game engine results and the efforts they are putting to strengthen Mobile Auction House security.  Asked about the Hearthstone Board that was discovered in PTR server earlier, Greg Street told Tencent that they don’t have any plans for it yet.

I really liked the way they both avoided the question: Why is Asia the first market to receive the in-game store update? They said that the in-game microtransactions are made to help the new players and those who don’t have enough time to farm the daily quests. Marko Koegler added that pay-to-win items such as stats changing charms will never be available.

At the end Greg Street explained that even if patch 5.4 will be the last content update they will continue to provide bug fixes and balance patches. He also referred to Blizzcon as the perfect place and time to bring a Transitional Content Update.


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