Bless KGC 2013

Many interesting things related to Black Desert Online and Bless are happening in Korea these days. From September 23th to September 29th, the Korean Gaming Conference 2013 (KGC 2013) is the place where the major gaming developers show off their latest updates. Neowiz and Pmang were there to give us some details about Bless Online features.

Below you will find a new video collection for Bless showcasing the art direction, the seamless world, the dynamic day and night cycle, weather effects, combat visual effects, characters and many more.

Off Topic: I remember the old days in Lineage 2, when I had an old computer and I needed to stare the camera look at the sky or on the ground when I was going to afk for a while in order to avoid game crashes. Looking at Bless Sky and Clouds Pressets and Wind Effect Part One video can’t stop thinking “Damn, they fucked me up :)”

Seamless World

Day and Night Cycle

Sky and Clouds Pressets

Wind Effect (three parts)

Art Directions

Combat Visual Effects

Characters and Character Creation (I think it will be the most complex system ever)

For more details about the game check Bless official site.

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