Will we ever get a Western release?

Blade & Soul s1

Do you remember NCSoft’s fantasy martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul? Although many of you already forgot about this game, fans are still wondering if this title will ever see the light of day.

After the game was released in Korea, a Western localization was started and there were rumors that set the release date for 2014. Days have passed, weeks have passed and months followed them pretty quickly. We now sit back and look at the Blade & Soul official site, doing a refresh from time to time and realize that more than a year had pass since we got any news about it. NCSoft or let’s say NCWest was never the company to keep us update with weekly news or updates beside the copyrighted statement “Coming Soon” which we all encountered through our Lineage2 or Aion experience, but this is too much.

So let’s see what we know so far based on facts.

Blade & Soul s2

1. The latest news update (and also the latest change on the website) was made on December 5th, 2012 and stated that: “The development team at NCSOFT West has been working closely with Team Bloodlust to ensure that we deliver the best, most faithful version of Blade & Soul to Western gamers. We are making progress and plan to reveal more details about the game in the coming year.”

Well NCSoft you need to hurry up a little since you have less than three months to do that now. The above post leads our search to another interesting topic, the development team.

Blade & Soul Meet the Team

2. On October 19th, 2012 we learned a little about the team behind this localization. On the official page they said: “For the localization of Blade & Soul, NCSOFT drew on the talents of a number of industry veterans, and three of them – Lead Content Writer Conor Sheehy, Localisation Manager Jiyoung Lee, and Associate Producer Devin Myren – sat down to talk about the challenges of bringing the game to Western audiences.” If you want to read what they had to say you can do it here.

Now you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with our topic. Let’s see … if we do a little research around the net we find out that the Associate Producer Devin Myren and the Lead Content Writer Conor Sheehy are no longer working on NCSoft, so even if they can be replaced this shows that the game was on a “pause” system for some time.

Blade and Soul s3

3. NCsoft is still not giving any hints or bits of information about this topic even when fans are asking.  A few months ago, Nathan, a Blade & Soul fan sent them a message: “It has been six months since you have updated your Blade and Soul fans including me. What is Team BloodLust doing, are they even working on the game anymore, I’m picturing them drinking tea while eating a piece of cake watching the new episode of one piece while wearing their pajamas having a pillow fight? If you don’t update your fans with status updates you are sure to loose them to CN B&S or KR B&S.”

The reply was fast but in NCSoft style: “Hello Nathan, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we do not have any new information to share yet at this time, but we will be sure to release any new updates to you and the rest of the B&S fans as soon as it is available. Thank you, NCSOFT.”

These are the main points I wanted to highligt and I hope you’ll take some time and let me know what you think about Blade & Soul Western release in the comments below.

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