I didn’t really follow this Blade & Soul CN release by Tencent until today, but now I decided to jump into the hype-train.

If you are tired of waiting for the English EU/NA version, you should give this Blade & Soul CN Open Beta a try (I know that language barrier scares a lot of people, but with time and a little search around the web you can find the needed info to survive and even have a pleasant gameplay).

How To Join Blade & Soul CN

A. Account Registration

* The game may experience problems or don’t work at all on Windows 8.1*

** Before starting the install process make sure you change your system locale to “Simplified Chinese, PRC” (Control Panel>>Change Display Language>>Administrative Tab>>Change System Locale)**

Now that we have our System Locale in order, let’s start with account registration.

  1. Go to http://zc.qq.com/en/index.html and fill up the form (surprisingly this first step is in English)
  2. You will receive an activation mail and then you will get your own unique QQ Number (Save it somewhere cause this will be your future ID)

Lucky gamers will only need this QQ Number, but those like me will also need to activate it in order to log-in later (due to China Internet Management, you need to be 18 years old in order to play games like Blade & Soul, so be sure you type the correct info when activating).

  1. Go to http://jkyx.qq.com

QQ Number Login

2.  Log-in using your Email Account and Password (used when creating the QQ Number)

QQ Number LogIn

3.  Change to Passport Verification

QQ Number Passport Option

4. Fill up the form (Real name – no more then 10 chars, Select the Passport Option from Dropdown – smallest Chinese word, Enter your passport ID, Leave blank the following Adress tab).

QQ Number Passport Validation

5. Press Next (First Left Button) – You should receive a successful activation message.

B. Download Client

  1. Go to http://bns.qq.com/webplat/info/news_version3 and choose Download Client

Blade & Soul CN Download Client

2. Choose the first option

Blade & Soul CN Client Download

This method is the “safest one”. Next we will give you the “fastest one” where we will use a torrent.

  1. Go to http://rghost.net/50368261 and download that torrent
  2. Install the game.
  3. Update the game by starting the Launcher (this torrent version doesn’t have the latest patches so you will have to download them – it doesn’t take more then an hour).

If you managed to get here you are only one step away from starting your Blade & Soul CN adventure.

C. Launcher Log-In

Blade and Soul CN Launcher

  1. Select the server (The lights near server names shows: Green – Normal, Yellow – High, Red – Full, Grey- Offline) The screen below was taken during a Maintenance so they are all grey.
  2. Log-In with QQ Number (First Tab) and Password (Second Tab).

*** Enjoy Blade & Soul CN Open Beta ***

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