Black Gold Magic Tower

In the latest “Ask the Devs” thread Snail Games announced that the first Closed Beta test for Black Gold is planned to launch at the earliest Q1 2014. Beta codes will be sent via email, so all players who registered on the official site will have a high chance to receive a beta invitation. Beside this, codes that were handed out during E3 2013 will also be valid.

Developers said: “The beta will feature substantial upgrade in terms of game-play progression and combat system compared to the E3 showcase.”

The English version of Black Gold will be published in North America as a start, but there will not be any country block or IP block at the initial release.

Black Gold Barbarian Village

We also learned that Black Gold will feature a total of 18 classes that will provide players with an immersive role-play experience.  The game will also have “dynamic events” called Outbreaks, events triggered when players enter a specific area or completing a certain number of quests. You should be familiar with this type of events from other MMOs such Rift, Guild Wars 2 or Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. At the moment, as they are still in the developmental stages, these events do not alter the fate of surrounding areas, but they will bring some awesome rewards.

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