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Black Desert MMORPG is a large scale sandbox, developed by the Korean company Pearl Abyss, that brings a variety of unique experiences with spectacular action and battle, strategy-oriented castle siege, sophisticated simulation contents such as trade, NPC-hiring and real-estate management.

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The game will have five races (three of them are officially confirmed: Elf, Human and Giant) and nine classes, currently represented: Fighter (a warrior with shield and sword), Ranger (elf archer), Sorcerer (the magician), Giant (barbarian with dual axes), Blader (dd swordsman without shield), Tamer (summoner). The other classes aren’t officially announced but it seems they will be Wizard and Valkyrie. We may also have different type of skills for male and female character. There is no level cap, but after level 50 the leveling process will be extremely slow (no special skills will be awarded after level 50, but stats will continue to increase).

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We all saw screenshots of mighty castles surrounded by small villages and farms. It seems that Black Desert will have a living-world around each big city, where players will be able to gather resources (farming, mining ores, chopping wood etc.).

An interesting feature will be the system used to gather resources. You will have the option to send NPCs to gather your planted herbs or mine the digging site and then order a transport to the nearest town (where your personal warehouse is). Each village has a special labor market where NPCs will be available for hire. If you have enough gold you can have more NPCs at once.

When finishing town quests, kill mobs or spend time in a specific zone your character will earn some “research points”. These points will be used to upgrade the so-called “farms” (places that you gather resources from) to shorten the time required to finish a task or transport the bundles from city to city.


Even if Black Desert is set to be a sandbox MMORPG at the moment you can’t build houses. The house system exists (rumors say there will be 1000 real-estate properties), but they are already built on special “housing zones” (open world housing, not instanced). A player can own multiple houses, some of them are used only for decoration and meeting purposes (you can decorate them with beds, tables, wall pictures, etc.) while others have more advance features like having mini workstations where you will be able to craft weapons and armors. You will be able to lock your house and even make key copies for your friends so they can use your workstations.

Each zone has its own climate and weather. In Black Desert weather will affect your gameplay. For example, if you’ll pass through a rainy zone your character will get a debuff, your speed movement and attack speed will decrease. In the rainy season transportation will also take more time while in winter growing your ingredients will be harder than in summer. So from now on you will also take seasons in consideration while planning your next move. They even plan to add a system where your NPCs will need warm clothes to be able to pass through the cold season.


Movement from one place to another will be made with mounts or by foot, there won’t be any teleports at the launch (if players will ask for such system they may add it in the future updates). Each mount will have its own level, HP bar, endurance bar, armor slots and some skills. The endurance system works similar with our usual stamina system. For example, after riding your horse from one town to another you will need to let him rest near a tent so it can regenerate its endurance points.

The combat system will be non-target action based. At any time only a combination of 10 skills can be used (your hotbar have only 10 slots). Besides this, you will have a combo system where you can link your skills to perform a special hit. Black Desert will also have mounted combat where you’ll be able to use a new set of different skills for each class to take down your opponents from the back of your mount.


You want some PvP? Well, you are lucky because Black Desert will have open-world PvP, Mounted combat, Caravan robing, GvG battles and massive castle sieges (it has been stated that 400 vs. 400 sieges will be possible).

Black Desert wants to create a new generation of sandbox MMORPGs by bringing a mix of rpg elements, MMO features and economic strategies. The first CBT is scheduled for autumn 2013 in Korea. The next region will be Russia (publisher was not announced yet) while North America and Europe will have to wait until 2015.

For a list of screenshots and artworks check our facebook page.

UPDATE: Oh, and I forgot to tell you about consoles. Pearl Abyss is planning to port Black Desert on consoles (Ps4 and Xbox One) after they’ll have a stable version for PC (plzz don’t ruin the map like in FFXIV: ARR). They already spoke with Sony, so if you are a console user keep an eye for this Open World Sand Box MMO.

UPDATE 2: During Gamescom 2013 managed to record 20 minutes of real gameplay so go watch the video below for more info.

UPDATE 3: You can find Black Desert Video Collection from the latest Media Lan Party that took place in Korea, here.

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