Black Desert GameNet Russian Publisher

This is a very important day for the Russian community. The Black Desert press conference is now live in Moscow. Pearl Abyss team recently arrived in Russia to talk about their future plans regarding the localization process.  The Russian Publisher will be announced soon. Will keep this post updated as we learn more about it.

Black Desert Moscow Press Conference


  • is the offical Russian Publisher.
  • Here is a screenshot of the partial translated client (Click to enlarge – as you can see the basic UI is already in russian)

Black Desert GameNet Russian Client

  • Russian Beta may be launched in January 2015
  • The game will be F2P, but they may have a P2P server as well (not 100% sure)

These were the main points beside the game mechanics that were explained for those who didn’t have the chance to test the game through the Korean CBTs. The Russian press will have the chance to interview GameNet team in the near future so you should expect more details in the next few days.

If you know Russian you’ll find the entire press conference below

Here are a few more details from the ending FAQ:

  • Second CBT recently ended in Korea.  After the Korean release, Japan will follow and then Russia.
  • Russian Alpha Test – mid-late December, 2014 with a CBT in January, 2015. The Keys will be earned through different competitions. The major Russian guilds will also receive beta keys (same as did with ArcheAge)
  • A NON P2W shop – several appearance items and things that will help those who can’t spend a lot of time in-game (I guess XP pots and things like that).
  • Oculus Rift support is currently under testing
  • You can travel from one edge of the World to the other in 20 minutes, but the World will be significantly expanded after the initial release
  • Maximum level is set to 50 and it will take a person who plays 3 hours per day 2-3 months to reach end-game
  • There won’t be any dungeons. Each raid can be found in the Open World and a rival group may interfere with your raiding in order to steal the loot (a system similar to Lineage2). In order to kill the common Bosses you’ll need a group of 5 players, but Pearl Abyss promised that there will be Big Raids that will require around 100 players to take it down.
  • Open PvP with Karma System. Death Penalties such as dropping loot (further penalties will be added by GameNet)
  • Unlimited Siege numbers. The owner of the guild will be able to collect taxes.
  • Best items will be obtained through Crafting
  • NO IP BLOCK (at least not requested by GameNet or developers). The European publisher may request these blocks later
  • There are plans for naval battles, naval trades and so on, but not for the initial release
  • There may be PvE and PvP servers (depending on the local feedback).
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