Black Desert 2nd CBT

In a recent interview Pearl Abyss talked with about their future plans regarding the Russian localization for Black Desert.  They didn’t revealed the name of the company that will publish the game or the schedule for the first foreign beta test, but they  said that more details will be available after the second Korean CBT.

Below you will find the short interview (I will not quote the answers because some things may get lost in the translation process).

Q: Did you choose the company that will publish Black Desert on the Russian market?
A: Yes, we have chosen the Russian publisher, but at the moment we can’t disclose the name of the company due to several internal reasons. Nevertheless, Black Desert will be published in Russia soon, much earlier than in North America or EU. We hope that our Russian partner will make the announcement soon.

Q: What qualities you took in consideration when choosing the Russian partner?
A: The most important factor for us was the publisher’s experience on the Russian MMO market, and how well is he familiar with the Russian users. Concidering these factors, we are fully satisfied with our choice.

Q: Did you already decide on a monetization system for Russia? Will it be different from the Korean version?
A: Regarding the monetization system we studied several aspects together. We still have to discuss the details with our Russian publisher so everything will depend on the outcome of these discussions. Perhaps the monetization system will be different.

Q: Does the Korean side intend to control the quality and localization services provided by the Russian publisher?
A: Every localization responsibility rests on the publisher. Pearl Abyss will do everything that is possible to support the publisher in order to create the highest quality Black Desert localization for the Russian players.

Q: How often will you update the Russian version with the latest Korean patches?
A: We got a lot of feedback from Russian players and we already know about their desires and interests for Black Desert. So, we will do our best to update the Russian version as soon as possible after adding some updates to the Korean version. For this we plan to work closely with our partner.

The rumors points to Innova (a well-known Russian publisher who also acquired the license for Lineage 2 Europe), but there are no official announcements. Thinking that is busy with the ArcheAge launch, Innova seems to be the best choice (and if the game will be free to play, I must say that Innova did a great job not turning Lineage 2 into a pay-to-win game and managed to protect players against bots and PvP software).

Stay with us as we continue to bring the latest Black Desert news and updates.


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