Black Desert 2nd CBT Development

Earlier today, Pearl Abyss published a small interview with the development team on the official website, regarding the Black Desert 2nd CBT and also released a few images from the Korean studio. Below you will find a short summary of their future plans.

After the first Closed Beta Test, the development team took a week off and after that, they started to evaluate the gathered feedback. Some of the criticism they received were about the weak UI, which was very confusing, the difficulty of some quests and the lack of group play, so these will be the main issues they will try to fix until the next stage.

Black Desert 2nd CBT Development

Developers also talked about the current state of the engine, which is currently enhanced and will allow them to be able to react faster to different issues that may occur.

In terms of content the second Closed Beta Test will feature the new “Calpeon” zone, an area that will be larger than the previous areas together with new interesting quests and adventures. As we said above the lack of group play in the first CBT raised a lot of complains so in the next stage you will also find various synergies that were installed to provide a more “group-friendly” experience.

The northeast region of Calpeon will still feature a solo type of gameplay, but there will be a very large area, meant for group leveling, in the southwest side of Calpeon. They also talked about adding different roles to characters, but not in the way we are used to (the holy trinity). They won’t set a strict role and force players to adopt a certain type of play-style, but they will give them the opportunity to play a role at any time they desire.

Black Desert 2nd CBT Development

If you are more interested in the PvP aspects of Black Desert you should know that a new type of territorial control will be added. In the second CBT beside castles, guilds will be able to attack and conquer different citadels to claim their rights on certain lands.

They also said something about some guild structures that will be built with resources and will play an important part in the next sieges, but I have to research this part a little more as I am lost in the translation process once again.


There will be two types of sieges: castle siege and citadel siege. Castle siege will focus on Calpheon city while citadels sieges will count as territory warfare. In order to participate guilds will need to build up their “symbol” such as command center for siege castle and citadel for territory warfare (I guess there will be some kind of headquarter). The siege will begin at a specific time and will end when the “symbol” gets destroyed.

Players (randoms) can join siege without being part of a guild, but just for the PvP part as they will not be able to destroy the “symbol”. As soon as the siege starts, the area becomes a free PvP zone and death penalty applies. When you die on the siege zone you may drop random items from your inventory or loose XP.

If you want to check the entire Interview visit Black Desert official website.

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